CBSE Podcast ‘Shiksha Vani’ For Update On Answer Sheet Evaluation, Board Initiatives

CBSE Podcast 'Shiksha Vani' For Update On Answer Sheet Evaluation, Board Initiatives
Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) begins its own podcast for latest news and events. The podcast platform is another addition to CBSE’s endeavour toward improving outcomes. Through the podcast, CBSE will ‘disseminate uniform directions to all its affiliated schools’. The podcast will allow CBSE to make uniform information available at crucial junctures such as during exam answer sheet evaluation.

“In line with the Board’s zero-error policy for evaluation, standard directions are required to be circulated to the evaluation centers spread across the country.”

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The podcast will allow CBSE to disseminate information regarding evaluation process to all its affiliated schools uniformly. Apart from the evaluation process, the podcast will also aide the board in circulating information about training process and other initiatives.

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The podcast works on the principle that oral communication is more engaging in comparison to written communication as seen in classrooms.

The podcast platform is available for download on Google Play Store. Through the app, interested stakeholders will be able to download ‘audio/video information files on their cell phones almost instantaneously as and when uploaded by the Board.’

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However, podcasts related to confidential processes, such as exams, will be available only to relevant stakeholders.

CBSE has already uploaded its first podcast, related to evaluation of answer sheets, on the platform.